Weeknote 28

I don’t really want to be writing these this week. I started them on Friday and I’m finishing them on Sunday.


I’m not feeling positive about most things. Definitely hitting a bump post-diagnosis. It’s to be expected, but not easy to manage that and work and life at the same time.

House renovations have slowed to a stop this week. Very frustrating. Monday they finished up some more electrics. And they weren’t back until today. BUT - today they started on the stud wall that is going to split the space in two. We can both get a sense of the size of our individual offices now.

This week

Themes this week: frustration and slowness.

Frustration with myself, with my brain, with everything taking too long. I feel sluggish in mind and body. I feel like I’m still coming apart more than I’m coming together.

I’m starting to dive into my new project and am enjoying the opportunity to work closely with a couple of folks in our ops team.

I’m also meeting some more folk across our tech and delivery practices which is nice. Looking forward to time to get to know them more over coming weeks.

The real highlight of my working week was finding the lunch time coffee session that our neurodiversity group runs. It was just a couple of folks but it was really nice to find “my people” and be able to just be me. And info dump more than any human wants to know about current Welsh politics. But there we are. Sorry.

I had my first walking therapy session this week. We’ll do it again next week.

Next week (and beyond)

This may be my last note for a little while.

Work stuff is not really shareable right now. Too much is going on in my head and this isn’t the place to work it out in front of the world. We'll see...

What I’ve been watching

The Acolyte

A couple of RIDICULOUS property shows - Owning Manhattan and Buying London. Just what I’ve needed.

Atlas on Netflix. One of the worst things I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching. Time I will never get back in my life.

What’s blooming

Slow going. Trying not to get so frustrated that I just give up. But this year is BAD.

Forced myself out today to do some work. Had a bunch more stuff to plant - including yet another acer. Did some weeding. Things are slowing flowering or not, some things have just not been able to really get going. The dahlias are an absolute no. I’ve had to redo a bunch of my pots with whatever is left in garden centres.

BUT - my beans are taking off and up, I can see a few flowers. The first few snap peas are there.

Sweetpeas are trying - and I’ll take this little bit of joy.