New year, new job

After 10 months of much needed rest, I’m back at work today.

I’m really excited to be joining TPXimpact as a Senior Partner for Major Projects.

I’ve watched from a distance as TXPimpact grew from it’s original separate companies into what it is now. It’s gone through massive change and what’s come of that change is very impressive. They are trying to build something that feels like it aligns with my values and ways of work, a rarity these days.

I’ve been very impressed from when I read the job advert (a senior role with no sales targets - woo!); to the informal chat I had with James Reeve (he answered all the questions I had without me having to ask); to the entire hiring process (questions and exercise sent well in advance, every chance to succeed was there). Every individual I’ve met has been a joy to interact with and I’ve left thinking, I want to work with these folk.

Why am joining?

  1. The problems they are working on are interesting, big and crunchy
  2. The people are talented and have the space and autonomy to get on with things
  3. The public good is there - we had a long chat about who they will/won’t work with that align with my values
  4. Not having to meet sales targets, Jukesie talked about this in his post. I want to deliver, it’s what I do. Having targets over my head will not help with that.
  5. Hybrid working - there was no way I could so a 5 days a week in person somewhere. Both from managing my energy levels to a physical distance thing. We’re in the sticks now.
  6. The long awaited chance to work with Jukesie. Bucket list ticked. Am I going to have to call him Matt tho? That’s just weird.

Added bonus: now a B Corp as well.