Weeknote 23

First “full” week back. Start of my 4 day working week.

It’s been a pretty good week I think. A mixture of easing back in to the client facing team, community stuff and not working.

The big but is, I’ve still done too much. The squirrels in my brain are rabid. And I’m really struggling to focus on tasks and listening.

Positive things I’ve done to help mitigate this:

  • make lists
  • block out time in between the small number of calls/meetings I’m doing.
  • talked about it to people
  • taking proper lunch breaks where I’ve actually been cooking
  • had a behind the scenes chat with someone on BlueSky about neurodiversity and late diagnosis as women. So grateful to B for being so open to an almost stranger.

Less positive things:

  • still too many meetings
  • my lists have paralysed me
  • I didn’t do a proper dinner menu plan so most of the burden of dinner cooking fell to me this week because it was all in my head.
  • ending the week utterly fried

The building work started this week, slow start but really motoring by the end of the day today. Managed to work through the noise, but was mildly disruptive though not as much as I expected.

The short version: demolition work started, holes have been dug, holes have been filled. Building controllers have visited. We’re resurrecting our house/garden blog in the next few days with more details and photos. A big garden update is also due I suspect.

What I’ve done this week

Supported where I can on pre-election queries and settling nerves in the team.

Caught up with our new Product Manager, Andrew, who is such a fabulous addition to the team. So calm, so experienced. Welcomed the new data architect to our team. And met with our new performance analyst.

Lots of time with Kate to co-work and back up to speed. And a really good catch up with our client around priorities and planning.

Spent a little time with the Major Projects team as we do each week. Looking forward to our in person away day at the end of the month.

Stared at the wall a fair bit.


Went down such a massive Fred Again.../Skrillex/Four Tet hole thanks to Thom. This set from Coachella 2023 is perfect, utterly perfect. Taking me back down some filthy dubstep (and dnb) holes to my happy music place.

Vaguebooking. Elections.

Next week

Taking another gentle step back into work to be more client facing and more involved.

Getting involved with some internal reviews of in-flight work in other areas. I’m really excited about this. It’s what I’m good at.

A chance to work with Vicky B on something that isn’t just teaming.

A long overdue to catch up with Tash on a few things in the training space.

I’ve preemptively tried to chunk out blocks of focus time in my diary.

And the first half of my ADHD assessment. GULP.

What I’ve been thinking about

The juggernaut of AI and the environment hell it’s bringing. And no one really cares (not in the places that matter). Most of it is shit, vanity and really isn’t solving any actual problems.

Not sure I have much more fully formed thoughts than this. Mostly I’m angry.

My impending diagnosis.

My symptoms and behaviours are getting worse. It’s a thing. [Thanks to Sian for the support this week]. Wanting to skip ahead to the bit where we find ways to manage, treat, work around it all. How can I prepare myself for the grief and anger that is inevitably going to follow the diagnosis. Getting a diagnosis this late in life with all the shit I’ve been through in my life is A LOT.

What I’ve been reading and watching

Nearly done with Station 19, should be done by next week.

I finished reading “Boy Parts” last week.

I tried starting another book last Friday and my brain was too squirrely. Will try again tomorrow on my day off.


Dilys is back in her role as building site inspector. This involves barking at the builders endlessly, demanding pets and tummy rubs. Important work.

What’s blooming

Elderflower. Time to make some cordial tomorrow.