Weeknote 25

Quite frankly, the first half of 2024 can get itself in the dumpster, pour petrol on itself and set light to itself.

Just as I start to get back into a place at work where I’m getting out of the admin hellhole and finding a way to get back into the delivery, I’m out again.

Construction work on the studio continues on a slow but steady pace, mostly focussed on rodent proofing the structure and prepping for insulation to go in. A lot of insulation. First fix electrics next week.

This week

It was going well - had a number of great, really long involved conversation with my senior DM and our project sponsor about how we properly divide the work up between us and defining what my role looks like. Really getting somewhere with this, I was happy. It was feeling good and moving in the right direction.

Admin was mostly under control. I need to do a short CCN but that’s manageable. As was our monthly reporting, mostly.

Then the bombshell that we’re losing our account executive support and it isn’t being replaced. I’ve got a new battle to wage next week and I’m hoping we can make some quick positive progress to resolving this. It’s a bit of a make or break situation.

Had a head cold, was pushing through fine. Then felt worse on Wednesday. Tested, because yes, we still test when we think it could be Covid. And as is my special magical way, the positive line lit up like a Christmas tree the moment the sample touched. GREAT.


I know exactly where I got it and I’m FUMING about it.

It meant we had to cancel our anniversary trip away to North Wales and a lovely meal out. And it means I’m having to isolate on the other side of the house and celebrate from the other side of the garden. Whist feeling absolutely SHIT.

[Anyone worried, Dai is fine. He was away, missed me being ragingly contagious and is testing clear.]

It’s the second holiday we’ve had to cancel this year and frankly I’m fed up. I just can’t get ahead of anything this year. Dog, breakdown, Covid.

The only upside, the views from our guest room are gorgeous and are keeping me going. I can also watch the bats in the evening from the window.

mini rant

Yes, Covid is still a thing. Yes, it’s still pretty grim when you get it.

Yes, we still test. Some people looked at me like I had three heads when I said this.

I really cannot wrap my head round people STILL not understanding that for a lot of people Covid is still a very scary thing. I have an extremely vulnerable family member, a cold could leave them in hospital or worse. I’m not taking any risks still.

It also may leave any one of us with Long Covid or other health issues.

Surely we still owe a duty of care to each other to at least try not to become superspreaders.

[also please please PLEASE can we get vaccines going again, will happily pay]

Next week

Cancelled my day off on Monday and will catch up on work that I missed at the end of this week.

I’m supposed to be in London next week for a community day with my other senior partner colleagues. That is up in the air and I’ll have to leave it to the last minute to make a decision based on my testing status and energy levels. But it’s not looking good if I’m honest with myself.

I’ve got the final half of my ADHD assessment.

What I’ve been watching

At least I have content for this section this week.

  • Seasons 1 and 2 of Extraordinary. Very clever ending to season 2.
  • Season 1 rewatch of We Are Ladyparts and most of season 2. On pause until we can be in the same room together again
  • Final series of Sweet Tooth. Loved this series. Nicely paced over 3 seasons. Just right to tell the story. Not dragged out to ridiculous lengths. Loved Keiko [Rosalind Chao] in an evil role.
  • Queenie - the tv adaptation of Candice Carty-William’s brilliant book. Loved it. Excellent casting.
  • I’m up to date with The Boys. It’s relentless grim, isn’t it?

Haven’t even tried to read anything - no point right now.


Dilys got away from me in the garden (on a lead that’d I’d dropped) and ran after a noise that I stupidly had created. She slipped and twisted and I spent 2 days freaking out in my head that she’d hurt her back again. But all seems fine. She’s currently off having her first hydro session.

She’s very interested in what the builders are doing and is quite keen to regularly inspect their work. She demands payment from them for her efforts in the form of belly rubs.

What’s blooming

Enjoy me and my wedding flowers from seven years ago.