Weeknote 27

Weeknote 27

Still impressed that I managed to pull an all nighter for the election. What a night!

Now I’m looking forward to some really boring, stable, quiet government.


Renovations were quiet this week. Work paused as we needed to make a number of decisions at our site meeting and to get more input from the structural engineer.

The really exciting news is around the feature staircase for the main part of the house. It’s going to be a genuine piece of art, made locally. Next steps are to go and meet the blacksmith/artist, who it turns out also have wire haired dachshunds.

This week

It didn’t start as I’d expected it would but it’s all good in hindsight.

I’m moving off the client work I’ve been doing in DLUHC.

It’s been increasingly clear for a while now that what is needed on the work is more subject matter expertise and less digital, “me shaped” support - particularly in light of the election result and the priorities of the new Labour government in the housing and planning reform space.

I’m sad to leave the team. But I’m looking forward to what is lined up for me next.

I’m going to be looking after a review of a project with an important client in Wales. And a wider programme of reviewing projects that originated in a couple of the newer organisation that have joined TPX to ensure they are meeting client needs and to make sure that they are aligned to our ways of working. It’s also a great chance to start to navigate the inner workings of TPX and meet more people/make more connections. And to do some tangible things - like develop a model for doing these reviews that is repeatable.

I also took a step this week to manage my ADHD, the recent diagnosis and how I manage it/integrate it into who I am. I’ve reached out a few local therapists who work with neurodivergent folk and with experience around menopause as well. I’ve got a trial session with someone next week. She offers several forms of therapy - including walking therapy. So I’m meeting her at a local woodlands and we walk and therapy. This feels right up my street and I’m intrigued to try it.

Next week

Get stuck into my two new pieces of work and finish up the last bits with my DLUHC client work.

Really hoping for an otherwise quiet week. Between Covid, travel, elections and personal stuff it has just been too busy. I want some quiet please.

What I’ve been watching

Loot Season 2. It’s a nice, gentle show. I adore Maya Rudolph. Not sure of the longevity of the show tho. Will there be a season 3.

Not much else this week, busy evenings have meant less time to watch tv.

Distracting ourselves this weekend with Barbecue Showdown season 3 on Netflix. Downside: it makes me really hungry.

What’s blooming

I’m beyond frustrated with the garden. I don’t want to talk about it.